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Bill Of Complaint - FindLaw complaint definition

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complaint definition

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1. Expression of grief, regret, pain, censure, or resentment; lamentation; murmuring; a finding fault.

Even to day is my complaint bitter. Job 23.

2. The cause or subject of complaint, or murmuring.

The poverty of the clergy hath been the complaint of all who wish well to the church.

3. The cause of complaint, or of pain and uneasiness in the body; a malady; a disease; usually applied to disorders not violent; as a complaint in the bowels or breast.

4. Accusation; a charge against an offender, made by a private person or informer to a justice of the peace or other proper officer, alleging that the offender has violated the law, and claiming the penalty due to the prosecutor. It differs from an information, which is the prosecution of an offender by the Attorney or Solicitor General; and from a presentment and indictment, which are the accusation of a Grand Jury.

5. Representation of injuries, in a general sense; and appropriately, in a writ of Audita Querela.

What Is a Criminal "Complaint"? "Complaint" has a particular meaning in the criminal justice process. Share on Google Plus Share on Facebook

An arrest, by itself, doesn’t begin formal criminal proceedings. Rather, the filing of a document in court is required. In most instances in state court, the document is a “complaint.”

Complaints can be either civil or criminal. Civil complaints initiate lawsuits, typically between private parties or a private party and the government. Criminal complaints, on the other hand, are almost always filed by the government. (Some states allow citizens to file criminal complaints or applications for them.)

A state prosecution usually begins after a police officer arrests someone and presents the case to the prosecution. The latter then files a complaint, which charges the defendant with the relevant crime(s). So begins the legal process.

A complaint typically lists:

the defendant the date of the alleged offenses the alleged offenses (including the relevant statutes, and whether the violations are misdemeanors or felonies), and some kind of description of the alleged facts underlying those offenses.

For more detail, see Criminal Complaints .

by: Micah Schwartzbach

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